The Dungeons and Dragons class of 2001, shortly before I drove off in their little geek bus and stranded them in the middle of the woods. I bet they casted all kinds of crazy shit spells on me. Go jump off a building, you slugs.

Kevin Manning is armed and dangerous. Okay, he's just armed. Barely.

No! It's a trick! Don't eat the cake! Emelda Thomas fattens you up so she can haul your lardass into her Easybake oven.

I don't know who the hell these freaks are, but I'd guess offhand that they're convicts.

More South Appleton Community College fratboys. Major homosexuals majoring in Homosexuality. When they graduate and get the degree, the dean shoves it up their ass.

Pretty Purple, the West Appleton painter. Guess what he majored in at South Appleton Community College (HINT: they don't offer painting).