What the...? How the hell many people are given Idiot of the Year Awards? I think the competition is rigged.
Rough and tumble gangster Jason "Faggy" Malone demonstrates how to do the Hokey Pokey outside his daddy's car. I wish he was doing it in a locked garage. With the car engine running.
Woah! Metalmouth Man gets lucky with his male tennis partner, who is storing seven pool balls in his mouth.
These three retards go into epileptic seizures when the store runs out of Digimon shirts. If I ever see em on the streets, I make it a priority to chase them around with my car while screaming, "I NEVER SAW A GAGGLE OF GEEKS RUN SO FAST!!!" Then I throw my ashtray at their heads.
Pool skimmers are supposed to remove shit like this from the pool.
What does the lobster and Cheryl Rhineson have in common? They're both full of butter.