No, your computer machine doesn't have fruitball double vision. The retards in Appleton City are now cloning themselves. It's easy for them because nobody notices when their DNA gets more fucked up than a goth's blowup doll.

The White Trash Avengers - protecting West Appleton's propane tanks since 1970. Which was, coincidentally, the last year any of these gutbagged hairwads bought a new outfit.

Jumpin' Jackass Flash demonstrates the power of his tinfoil pants. This hilarious joke I just made was a parody of that shitty ass movie with that bloated mop rat Whoopie Goldberg. You weasels probably never saw that movie because my humor is too sophisticated for you and I don't expect you to understand it, so go back to reading your Harry Pothole books and jacking off to the 6:00 weather report, you spineless dirt wranglers.

I hate kids. I visited the North Appleton Junior High School and decided to show these two meat muffins a little lesson in science, namely the science of what happens when Cliff crams one of their dicks into a locker and slams it shut over and over again until somebody calls the cops so I go and hide in a broom closet and pass out because they got some cleaning shit in there with its cap off and the fumes knocked me out loopy and I woke up the next morning and my hair was a fucking different color.

Hag and Sons.