Murleen McKowski. She's the cowgirl of the South Appleton Trailer Plaza. She charges extra to keep her clothes on. Believe me, you won't mind paying it.
And to think people believe that all marching band members are geeks. Reggie Forrester proves that some band members are also mutant geeks as well.
Remember that scene from "The Twilight Zone" when that fatass William Shatner / John Lithgow was screaming that there was a monster on the wing of the airplane, and then it attacked him? This is like that scene only more horrific. The poor guy never had a chance.
The East Appleton Debate Team demonstrates that their natural enemy is the pigeon. So is soap and hair gel. Take a bath you chubby fucks. And get off my damn lawn!!!
Little Chris Gardner was surprised as all hell when he found out his birthday present was the same boot I used to kick his pasty white ass with.
Holy crap, looks like God screwed up.