Plastic door windows - keeps freshness in, can't keep goths out!

A quick inventory check reveals that Sean McMann's "special part" seems to be in working order. I don't want to know the reason he continued to check it for over 10 minutes after the photo was taken.

Robert Palastead leaves the "OPERATIONS" room with the same look of disappointment as the doctors who were operating on him. I guess he'll just have to settle for not being able to sit down for a few days, until the miniature Statue of Liberty figurine dislodges itself.

Alex Fredrickson: "WOW! Your car seats warm up by themselves! That's so cool!"

DRIVER: "No they don't."

Alex Fredrickson: "In that case, you'll need to pull the car over and give me some paper towels."

Maybe it's just me, but I don't see any damn reason why this photo should exist.

Space Captain Greasy, reporting for duty!