Oh, sorry lady, there appears to be a horrible photo defect in your prom picture. Let me fix that.

Much better!

Scott Tremson loves grandma! Why? Because it looks like he's SLOWLY TURNING INTO ONE! I can smell the damn boiled beef all the way over here.

If you want to sit down on that couch, you're going to have to go through Mark and Doug Peters first. The last guy to go through Mark and Doug Peters was... well... let me get the man-list.

Quick! While it's stunned! Get the net!

What the? Why the hell is this fat freak wearing dog tags? This is a goddamn insult to all us vets! You lumpy bald blob of flesh, go paint a picture of yourself getting shot at in Suoi Chau Pha, Vietnam and then maybe I'll CONSIDER not ramming those dog tags down your filthy throat, you slack jawed bastard.

Enjoy Louisiana's favorite pasttime.