Queen Video proudly shows off the gay and lesbian section of the local bookstore.

Frank Jennings posing with his various NRA nutball weapons, shortly before I booted his white trash ass back into his fallout shelter and "liberated" his guns from him. Despite all that camouflage he's wearing, I can still easily spot the lump of redneck in this photo.

Insect Child volunteers at the local orphanage. Those aren't real eyes, I'm fairly sure they were painted on her.

Randy Brenner looked really damn surprised when I broke into his apartment and caught him humping his girlfriend, the carpet. It's really pathetic when he sent in his marriage application and under "WIFE'S NAME" he wrote "FRICTION".

Charcoal dog statue or Hellhound? In West Appleton, the pets take after their mutant freakshow owners.

Nancy Billingsly shows off her "Dinner Magnet" outfit which attracts children from miles away so they can be stuffed into her bloated, gaping maw of a mouth. She eats their souls too. Stay away from this one.